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Residential Utility Service Application

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  2. Complete the following online application. Select Print and Submit. The application will be submitted to the Utility Billing Department for Processing.

  3. Haslet does NOT provide water and trash services to areas outside Haslet city limits. Please verify that your address is in Haslet city limits by going to and putting your address in the property search field. Sendera Ranch, Dorado Ranch, Emerald Park, Spring Ranch, Haslet Heights, Willow Ridge and surrounding subdivisions are NOT in Haslet city limits.

  4. Service start date must be Monday-Friday. Service cannot start on a weekend or holiday. If it is after 1:00 pm, then your service will start on the next business day.

  5. If nothing is checked you will receive your bill by regular mail.

  6. Upload a copy of one of the following: Driver's License, State Issued I.D. Card, Military I.D. Card, Passport, Etc.

  7. Deposit must be paid at the time of application and remains on the account for the life the account. At the time of the account's final bill, any remaining deposit is refunded. Payment accepted is cash, check, money order, and credit cards (additional 2% fee applied when paying by credit card). Credit cards accepted are Visa, MasterCard and Discover.

  8. Please type your first and last name.

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