Boards & Commissions

Roles of the City of Haslet Boards & Commissions

Boards and Commissions

The City of Haslet relies on the energy of its community oriented citizens. Without the help of committed citizens; the city would not function. Each board and commission plays a significant role to keep Haslet vital, responsive, and responsible. This commitment is reflected in the service the citizens provide by serving on these various boards. The citizens who serve on these various boards volunteer their time to improve the quality of life for everyone in Haslet. The following are the roles and responsibilities of the City of Haslet boards and commissions:

City Council Appoints Board & Commission Members

The City Council appoints board and commission members annually during September. Terms are for two years. In the event a vacancy(ies) occurs, applicants on file with the City Secretary's Office will be contacted regarding their interest in being considered for the vacancy(ies). Appointments to fill a vacancy(ies) will be considered by the City Council at the next available regular city council meeting. If you are interested in being appointed, please complete an application and return it to the City Secretary.

If you are available and interested to be a part of the City of Haslet decision making boards and commissions, please contact the city secretary as listed below to check for vacancies.

Contact the City Secretary at 817-439-5931 ext. 102 or by email.