Haslet Economic Development Corporation Type A


  • 11:30 a.m., approximately one to two hours in duration
  • Fourth Wednesday of each month
  • Special meetings with the City Council are scheduled on an "as needed" basis


Haslet HEDC Type A Board members are provided clerical/administrative support from the economic development coordinator and other members of city staff, as appropriate. Members include:

Place 1  
Stewart Shirey
Place 2
Bernard Cleghorn
Place 3 
Candy Letica 
Place 4 
Brenda Ward 
Place 5
Hildreth Macon2023-2025
Place 6 (Alt. 1)
Nicholas Konen2022-2024
Place 7 (Alt. 2)
Paul Wallick2023-2025


The purpose of the Haslet Economic Development Corporation Type A (HEDC) is to stimulate economic growth and development in the City of Haslet for the benefit of the entire community. Having more influence than a simple "advisory group", these members determine how 4A sales tax proceeds are spent. They do not, however, have any quasi-judicial power.

Haslet Economic Development Corporation Type A

HEDC Type A is funded by a one fourth-cent economic development sales tax (4A tax) collected by the City of Haslet. The HEDC Type A works to promote economic development within the city and the State of Texas in order to eliminate unemployment and underemployment, and to promote and encourage new and expanded business development. The HEDC Type A also promotes the public welfare of the city by developing implementing, providing and financing projects under the act and as defined in Section 2 and Section 4A of the Development Corporation Act of 1979, as amended, Article 5190.6, Section 4A, Vernon's Texas Civil Statutes; now codified in Subtitle C1, Chapters 501-505 of the Texas Local Government Code. The HEDC Type A Board of Directors shall advise the City Council regarding all matters pertaining to economic development activities and programs which stimulate business and commercial activity.

Role of the Corporation

While affiliated with the city, the Type A HEDC is a separate corporate entity. The corporation shall have a board of directors in which all powers of the corporation shall be vested. There shall be five members of the board of directors and they shall serve for two-year terms of office. Places 1, 3, and 5 shall be appointed in odd-numbered years, and Places 2 and 4 in even numbered years. The board shall be authorized to exercise all rights and powers granted under Section 4A of the Act. The board shall periodically submit reports in writing to the City Council as to the status of its activities in carrying out its obligations under this section. Any and all agreements between the corporation and other parties shall be authorized, executed, approved and delivered in accordance with applicable law.