Library Board


Meetings are held quarterly. Any special meetings are held as needed. The meetings are held in the evening and are approximately one to two hours in duration. Additional time may be required to read relevant reports and documentation, and help with fundraising activities. Special meetings with the City Council are scheduled on an as needed basis.


The board shall consist of seven members and two alternates who shall be appointed by the City Council. Members must reside within the City of Haslet or the Northwest Independent School District. Two members from the Friends of the Haslet Public Library association shall be voting members of the Board, holding one even numbered place and one odd numbered place. Members currently consist of:

Place 1
Marsha Rowlison, Vice Chair
Place 2
Freda Thomas2018-2020
Place 3
Candice Letica, Chair
Place 4
Natalie Kutach2018-2020
Place 5
Randi McLeod2017-2019
Place 6
Marietta Slater2018-2020
Place 7
Vickie Gerstenkorn, Secretary
Place 8 (Alt. 1)
Lorna Forman2018-2020
Place 9 (Alt. 2)


The library board is responsible for providing guidance and support to all facets of the library operation, provide short and long-term planning, and serve as a liaison between the Haslet Public Library and the City Council. The library board was established by ordinance # 0702-06 (passed 7-17-06) and is codified in the city code as Chapter 1, Section 1.11.001-1.11.034.

The library board is an advisory board to the City Council on matters pertaining to the library. They are involved in the development of library usage policies, programs and procedures. They recommend purchases for the library collection as well as help coordinate fund-raising drives. They help formulate grant applications for the library.


Places on the board shall be numbered one through seven and alternate places on the board shall be numbered eight and nine with all members appointed for two years to expire on September 30th. Members serving in odd numbered places shall have their terms expire on each odd numbered year, and even numbered places shall have their terms expire on each even numbered year.

Residency Requirements

Each member of the board shall be a resident of the Northwest Independent School District and shall remain a resident so long as they continue to serve on the board.

City Staff Liaison

Library board members are provided clerical / administrative support from the library staff and other members of city staff, as appropriate.