Parks and Recreation Board

Time Commitment

  • 7:00 p.m., approximately two hours in duration
  • Second Wednesday of each month
  • Special meetings are held as needed


The board is comprised of seven members and two alternates, all qualified voters of the city and its extra territorial jurisdiction, who shall be appointed by the City Council for two-year terms. The City Council may remove a member at any time with or without cause. Members include:

Place 1
Barbara Long2017-2019
Place 2
Cindy Laird2018-2020
Place 3
Brian Clarke2017-2019
Place 4
Sarah Nembu2018-2020
Place 5
Rachelle Cooper2019-2021
Place 6
Gerick Schraub
Place 7
Dayna Horak, Chair
Place 8 (Alt. 1)
Place 9 (Alt. 2)Vacant2017-2019


The charge of this board is to advise City Council regarding the planning and development of park and recreation facilities and programs. The board was established in 1988 which is codified in the city code as Chapter 1, Article 1.10, boards and commissions, Division 3. parks and recreation board, Sections 1.10.131-1.10.134. The board evaluates and makes recommendations to the City Council on matters concerning establishment, maintenance and operations of all parks within the City of Haslet. The board will also research and evaluate necessary regulations and or ordinances governing the use of such facilities. The board also evaluates programs that may be incorporated within the scope of parks and recreation.


The parks and recreation board is an advisory board to the City Council with no supervisory function and no rule making or quasi-judicial authority.


Each board member serves a staggered two-year term. Members serving in odd-numbered places will be appointed in odd-numbered years, and members serving in even-numbered places will be appointed in even-numbered years. Members are identified by place numbers one through seven.

 City Staff Liaison

The park board members are provided clerical / administrative support from the administrative staff of the city.