Public Works Department

Public Works Department Encompasses Many Duties

The Haslet Public Works Department is a division of the Engineering Department and maintains the City's infrastructure: streets, sidewalks, curbs and gutters, street medians, street trees, street and traffic signs, pavement markings, street lights and traffic signals, street sweeping, landscape maintenance, the water supply, water main lines, water services, water meters and meter readings for water billing, water conservation, refuse collection and recycling, environmental issues, the sewer system, engineering for everything in the public right-of-way, capital improvement projects.

The Public Works Department also administers the Cross Connection Control and Backflow Prevention Program.

In addition, public works is responsible for other services: mechanical maintenance for all City-owned vehicles, small equipment and large construction equipment, and the maintenance of all City-owned buildings.

Contact the Public Works Department at (817) 439-5931 x 401 or the Director of Public Works David Rogers at 817-307-0263.