Trash Collection & Recycling Services

Trash Collection & Recycling Services are provided by a contract with Republic Services.   Questions can be directed to Utility Billing at 817-439- 5931 ext. 101. 

Residential trash and recycling pick-up is once a week on Wednesdays. Please have all blue trash carts and green recycling carts out by 7:00 am as routes may vary week to week. A reminder that all trash in the trash carts must be in bags. Items that should not be placed in the recycle cart include Styrofoam items, chip bags, frozen food bags, plastic or metal hangers, plastic flower pots or toys, food and wet waste, food contaminated paper or napkins, batteries and electronics, light bulbs, drinking glasses and other glassware and of course not hazardous waste materials. For a complete graphic list of items that can and cannot be recycled click here or come by City Hall to pick one up.  


Commercial/Industrial/Business customers will need to contact Republic Services directly to set up dumpster or commercial hand pick-up services at 1-800-333-7301. 

***Trash carts are BLUE and recycling carts are GREEN in Haslet.***

 Curbside Recycling 

View information on curbside recycling.

Household Hazardous Waste and E-Waste Disposal

Haslet residents are able to enter a request for pickup of Household Hazardous Waste and/or E-Waste by following this link.  The request will be scheduled for pickup by Republic Services. They will mail instructions, item labels and the pickup date to the requestor. More information on acceptable and unacceptable items is available here.

Bulk Collection Regulations

Bulk Pickup is the first Wednesday of every month.

Yard Waste: All Yard Waste must be cut tied and bundled or bagged. All Bundles must be cut to 4 feet in length and not weigh more than 50 LBS. All bags must weigh less than 50 LBS.

Yard waste not tied or bundled will be tagged and a quote may be given by a supervisor for removal after quote has been paid by the resident.

Bulk items: All bulk items must be easily lifted by the average person to be placed in the back of a Rear Load truck.  We request that all nails be flattened if construction or remodel material is being put out (Example: A cast iron tub is not an acceptable item).

Grills: All propane tanks must be removed. Empty propane tanks are not an acceptable item and will not be collected.

Loose Items: We request that all small items be containerized or bagged (Example: small toys or small items. Couches, love seats, chairs, tables etc. do not need to be containerized).

If a refrigerator is set out for bulk collection it must be tagged by a professional stating that all freon has been removed. Refrigerators not tagged by a professional will be red tagged and not collected.