Zoning and Development Information

The Planning Department is the intake point for all development, zoning, and rezoning requests and inquiries.

About Zoning

Zoning establishes the types of land uses permitted on a specific tract of land. Zoning also regulates the size, intensity, and height of development, as well as signage, screening, and parking related to development. Haslet has many zoning districts, which are broadly grouped into residential, commercial, industrial, and special districts. Specific information regarding each district can be obtained in the City of Haslet Zoning Ordinance.

How is Zoning Changed?

The zoning on a specific piece of property can change only through a public hearing process. This process allows public participation from the applicant, interested citizens, and decision makers. The process requires public notification, public hearings, and final approval by the City Council. An applicant may seek a change to establish a use not permitted in the current zoning district. The applicant may use the zoning process to request rezoning to a district that will permit the use outright, with conditions, or by a Specific Use Permit. Conditional use means the land use is permitted if certain conditions are met. Conditions typically involve screening, buffering, and/or size requirements. Specific Use Permits are permitted exclusively by specific permit approval by the Council. Applicants interested in obtaining a Specific Use Permit should file an application for zoning change noting the "SUP" option on the form. Fees and processing of an SUP are similar to a zoning case.

Zoning, Development and Platting Application Forms

Zoning Verification Letter Requests
To obtain a Zoning Verification Letter please complete the Zoning Verification Request Form and submit with the required application fee. Complete submittal information is available.