Animal Control

Animal Control Office

In the City of Haslet City Limits, the Animal Control is performed by private contractor 'Brian the Animal Guy' - Brian Hall.


Please confirm that your address is in the City of Haslet. Having a Haslet mailing address does not mean that your property is located in Haslet proper. If you are unsure, go to, choose property, choose search by property address, type in your property address, and check the taxing entities for your address. If the City of Haslet is not listed, you do not pay property tax to Haslet, and you do not live in the Haslet city limit. If you do not live in Haslet city limits, Mr. Hall is not the appropriate contact for animal control services for you. Some area subdivisions that are not in Haslet city limits include Sendera Ranch, Haslet Heights, Lonesome Dove, Maxwell Estates, Willow Springs Ranch, Willow Springs East & West, Aston Meadows, Avondale Farms, Highland Springs, Van Zandt Farms, Sun Valley Estates, Spring Ranch, Songbird Estates, Emerald Park, and Dorado Ranch. Here is a link to the Haslet City Limits Map (PDF).

Animal Control Ordinance Information - Confinement Law: Haslet has a strict confinement law for dogs and cats…please do not allow your pets to roam. Pets at large are subject to being impounded by an Animal Control Officer and fees accessed to an owner. The Officer uses written notice cards and WARNING cards on first time violations. A second or third violation could result in a citation being issued where fines begin at $500. Please be responsible with your animals. A current rabies tag or ID tag on your pet’s collar will assure you getting your lost pet back.