Fire Department


The Haslet Fire Department (HFD) is a regional emergency services agency that provides fire and medical emergency response to the citizens of Haslet and residents of the immediate unincorporated areas of north Tarrant County in a defined 911 area.

MedStar also provides medical emergency response in Haslet and the surrounding areas. The annual update from MedStar is available (PDF). More MedStar information is available on the MedStar tab on the left.

Additionally, the HFD provides mutual aid support on a regional, multi-county basis and also State-wide basis. Operations are conducted from one station centrally located in the City of Haslet. The area covered by the Haslet Fire Department is approximately 19 square miles.

The Haslet Fire Department provides community support and hosts events to promote fire education and prevention services through out the year.

Fire Chief Kirt Mays is also the Emergency Preparedness Coordinator for the City of Haslet. More information is available.

The City of Haslet ISO (Insurance Service Office) Fire Protection Class is 5. This rating will affect all buildings that are protected by the Haslet Fire Department that are within 5 miles from the Haslet Fire Station and are less than 1000' from a fire hydrant.