Returning Items

When Are Items Due?

All items are due 3 weeks after the checkout date. If that date falls on a holiday, the due date will be the first business day after the holiday. Items will automatically renew for another three weeks so long as they have not been placed on hold by another patron.

Where Do I Return Items?

You may return your items 

  • In the book return slot at the circulation desk, or 
  • In the drive-up return box (look for the large silver drop box) located on Gammill Street. NOTE: The small box next to the book return belongs to the U.S. Postal Service and is not to be used for returning items to the library. 

What May I Return In The Outdoor Return Boxes?

All items with the exception of STEM kits may be placed inside our outdoor return box. STEM kits must be brought inside the library and returned to the librarian at the circulation desk. 

 Drive up book return