Pay For Overdue Or Lost Items

When Do Fines Begin On Overdue Items?

Any items returned prior to closing on the first business day past the due date are within a fine-free grace period.  

How Much Are Fines?

Fines for overdue items are assessed at the rate of of $.25 per day per item (up to $5.00 or the value of the item, whichever is less). 

If I Have Fines, Can I Check Out More Items?

Patrons with charges of $5 or more must pay before checking out more items. 

What Forms Of Payment May I Use?

For your convenience, we accept payment by cash, check, or credit/debit card. (Note: Debit/credit charges must total $2.00 or more and will be assessed a service fee of 2%.) 

What If I Can't Pay My Fines?

You may not be required to pay the total amount in full if there were certain unavoidable circumstances preventing you from returning your items. Exceptions are determined solely at the discretion of the Library Director. 

What If An Item I Checked Out Is Lost?

Lost items may be paid for or replaced like for like (eg. hardcover book for hardcover book in the same condition). All lost items are assessed a $5 processing fee.