Print, Scan, Copy, Fax

May I Print Items?

Anyone can print from our public access computers. We are not able to print from your personal device. All items printed are single-sided, black and white and on 8-1/2x11 paper only.

If you prefer, you may email your items to us for printing. We will print them after you arrive at the library to pick up your print order.

May I Copy Items? 

We will be happy to make copies for you at the circulation desk for 10¢ per page. All copies are black and white only. 

May I Scan Items?

We can scan documents and send them to an email address. There is no charge for scanning.

Do You Have Fax Service?

Faxing is available at the circulation desk for $1.00 per page. We can supply you with a cover sheet if needed. The cover sheet is free but adds $1 to the cost of the fax.

Print scan copy fax graphic