Ashmore Farms Street Improvement Project

The first phase of work has been substantially completed. Phase two slurry seal will be coming in early May. An update will be provided when a more firm deadline is set.


We want to remind everyone to be mindful of deliveries if your driveway access is affected. Please make necessary arrangements until the repairs are made. UPS and FedEx deliveries can often be held at facilities for pickup. Larger deliveries may need to be rescheduled.

The Project

The Ashmore Farms Street Improvement Project will begin September 25th. The project is a 2-phase project. Phase #1 will include pavement patching, asphalt, concrete and curb repair in specified areas. Phase 1's estimated schedule is 90 calendar days. Phase 2 will include a "slurry seal" application throughout the entire neighborhood to seal the road surface from water infiltration and to preserve the pavement. Phase 2 is estimated to start March 2024, and is estimated to take 30 calendar days.

Construction Process:

Construction Working Hours: 7am - 7pm, M-F and Saturdays as needed. No work on Sundays. During this construction process there will be periods of street closures, which may affect your normal driving routine. There will be access through the neighborhood at one of the two entrances at all times. Driveway and street parking will be disrupted for some residents. You may park as needed in open areas. Expect to see large trucks moving material in and out of the neighborhood. Throughout this process you may experience periods of dust, noise, mud, etc.

For project updates, please use the QR code on the construction signs at the Ashmore Farms entries or go online to and check the News Flash on the home page.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Will the road work affect mail delivery?

Mail delivery will continue normally. For a few residents, mail will be disrupted during certain repairs. Mail for those addresses will be held at the post office for pickup each day until the repairs in that area are finished.

Other deliveries (packages, furniture, refrigerators, etc.) could be affected as well. If your section is under construction, you may need to make other arrangements for deliveries you are expecting.

2. Will trash service be disrupted?

Trash service will continue normally. If your typical trash cart placement is impacted by road work, you will need to place the cart at the nearest accessible place outside of the work area. Every effort will be made to pick up at each location.

3. Will bus routes and pickup/drop-off locations be affected?

NISD has been notified of the project and any necessary changes to bus routing will be made.

4. Will this work affect Emergency Services?

Access through the neighborhood will be maintained throughout the project for emergency services. The Haslet Fire Department will be updated on the project each week to adjust as necessary.

5. How will this project affect street parking and driveway access?

Residents will be notified by flier 48 hours prior if the road work will block their driveway access. Residents in these areas will need to park along the street outside of the work area until the repairs are made. Street parking availability will change day-to-day as trucks and equipment navigate through the neighborhood.

6. Who do I contact if there is a construction-related issue?

If the issue needs immediate attention, please call Public Works Director James Tucker, 817-829-4415 or the Public Works after hours: 817-229-9640. For all other issues, call 817-439-5931, ext. 121 OR email

Intersection Routing Plan